WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Mr . trump kept up his criticism of Mexico on Friday, saying it "is taking a look at the U.S. the very best enough," like a crisis over border security and trade deepened.

"Massive trade deficits & little help on ab muscles weak border must change NOW!" Trump wrote on Twitter.

On Thursday, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto scrapped a structured holiday to Washington to meet up with Trump, who has repeatedly demanded that Mexico purchase a wall over the U.S. border medicines illegal immigration.

The White House also suggested on Thursday the fact that Us could impose a 20 % tax on goods from Mexico to spend the wall, sending the peso tumbling.

Speaking around the scrapped summit, senior Trump aide Kellyanne Conway on Friday told Fox News that "the relationship had not been imploded. This particular one meeting has been canceled knowning that was a mutual cancellation."

In an independent interview on CBS News, she said the tax was one funding possibility and waved off the prospects for Mexican retaliation which could cost American jobs, telling CBS News: "They’ll do what they desire."

"Mexico should purchase that wall because they recieve an awful lot with this country," Conway told CBS.

The White House says its tax proposal is inside the early stages.

A plan being weighed by House Republicans would exempt export revenues from taxation but impose a 20 percent tax on imported goods. The idea, known as border adjustment tax, might be a significant vary from current U.S. policy.

Retailers along with firms that sell imported tools are not interested in taking that approach, and some lawmakers have expressed concern about its affect on U.S. consumers.

"The expense for everything from groceries, to cars, to office supplies would get higher by 20 (percent), turning it into more difficult for middle class families to pay extra for things they desire each day,” Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said in a very statement.