WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump, seeking to quell a backlash over his "extreme vetting" order, said the country would resume issuing visas for all countries once secure plans are implemented in the next Three months.

Under a sale he signed on Friday, immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries were barred from entering the nation. It has drawn large protests at many U.S. airports, where some travelers from those countries were stranded.

"To be clear, this may not be a Muslim ban, since the media is falsely reporting," Trump said. "It’s not about religion – this is about terror and keeping our country safe. There are actually over 40 different countries worldwide which are majority Muslim that are not suffering from this order.

"We’re going to again be issuing visas for all countries when we are sure we’ve got reviewed and implemented the most secure policies covering the next 90 days," he said.